31032 alternate build: Quetzalcoatlus

I recently decided to reward myself for a difficult job completed by splurging just a little on the 31032 Red Creatures set. It’s a nice little set; I’m particularly fond of the dragon and the scorpion is very nice (though the biologist I trained as cringes at its wrong number of legs), though I’m less fond of the snake.

Anyway, having followed typical pattern and built the three things there were instructions for, I decided to see about a fourth alternate.

I’m quite into dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasties, and I was initially thinking about adapting the dragon into a Tyrannosaurus rex, but then I decided that was too similar. Rip the wings off and you virtually have it. So after rejecting the idea I decided to have a go at that monster pterosaur, the Quetzalcoatlus.

Freakishly large flying things. More reasons to love the Cretaceous!

Quetzalcoatlus is awesome in its own right. I mean, the thing stands on its feet and wing-arms as tall as a giraffe, and it flew! And they think it was an aggressive predator that ate some of the smaller dinosaurs, and the young of larger ones.

Anyway, here’s my Lego Quetzalcoatlus, posed on the ground and with the wings and legs arranged for flight. The head might have been more streamlined if I’d had a red 1×1 double SNOT brick to work with for attaching the eyes, but a) I don’t have one of those, and b) I wanted to use only the bricks found in the 31032 set.



Sorry about the shaky camera. I got better with taking the photos, really I did.


One of the great things about this Quetzalcoatlus is that it’s pretty close to properly sized in minifig scale


Quetzalcoatlus: Lego

Quetzalcoatlus: Lego


Arranged for flight. Broader wings might have been a little truer to life, but you work with what you have.


Front view in flight mode.



5 thoughts on “31032 alternate build: Quetzalcoatlus

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  2. Eni Czinke

    Dear All,
    my son would love to build your Quetzalcoatlus. Pls be so kind and send me the description of it if possible. Thanks in advance and All the best, Eni from HUngary


    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      I’ll do what I can. I’d be working from memory, though.
      It begins very similarly to the dragon from the 31032 set, but the other way round, with the large ball joint pieces being the shoulders where the wings join the body.
      The neck is fairly similar to the dragon’s tail, so if you build most of the back end of the dragon’s body, you’re halfway there.
      The rest of the Quetzalcoatlus body you’ll have to experiment and go from my pictures.
      Most of the head is 3 studs wide, beginning with a red 2×3 plate. The lower jaw attaches to the circles on the bottom of this plate, and it builds up from there.
      I’m sorry I can’t do much better than that. I might try and recreate it in LDD; that would be the only way I would know for sure. I tend to build one-off creations; I definitely didn’t anticipate someone else wanting to build one!


    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      I built this a while back now. I’d have to rebuild it physically from pictures and a slightly spotty memory, then unbuild it to create reasonable instructions. Real Life permitting, I’ll have a go, but I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks and I haven’t got to it yet.



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