A Prickly Customer

Spiky bits. What can you do with them?

They’re very organic, in a prickly, Rodney Matthews sort of way. On the 31032 Red Creatures set in which I got them, they were the claws and horns of the dragon, the teeth of the snake and the fangs and claws of the scorpion. The small piece’s official designation is “horn”, and indeed, they look very menacing as hornlike decorations on the Lego Castle horse’s head armour. The larger piece is officially a “tooth”, and is a lot more bladelike than the small round “horn”.

They’ve been robot claws in the wonderful Neo-Classic Space Exo-Suit (I want this set!), and they’d make an excellent decorative battlement fringe on an evil knight’s castle.

But that’s not what I built first.

Following on from my Quetzalcoatlus, I guess I was in dinosaur mode or something, because all I could think was “Kentrosaurus”.

Kentrosaurus, for those uninitiated into the mysteries of the Dinosauria, is probably the second most famous member of the Stegosaur group. If you’ve heard of only one Stegosaur that isn’t Stegosaurus, chances are good that it’s this one.

Unlike its larger and more famous cousin, Kentrosaurus lacks a proper thagomizer (as the cluster of tail spikes has come to be known); instead having paired spikes at intervals along its tail, from the tail-tip to halfway up its back. So it only has plates along the front half of its back, not all the way down like most Stegosaurs.

In addition, it bears a pair of wicked defensive shoulder spikes to help fend off predators.

So I decided that Stegosaur spines was really rather a good use of all these wonderful spiky bits, and built a Kentrosaurus. It would have looked better with black plates to match the spikes (or white spikes to match the plates), but you work with what you have.

Kentosaurus, Lego-style

Kentosaurus, Lego-style

And from the other side

And from the other side

Unlike my previous Quetzalcoatlus, this Kentrosaurus isn’t remotely minifigure scale. For that, I’d need to shrink it to about the size of a Lego horse, because Kentrosaurus wasn’t all that big. Still, there’s no law requiring that I build to minifig scale.

And standing, just to show off the poseability

And standing, just to show off the poseability


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