VLC Raptor Mech

Mechs are cool. Impractical in real life, but cool nonetheless.

Classic Space Lego is cool. “Neo-Classic Space” stuff such as Peter Reid’s amazing creations are especially cool.

Dinosaurs are also cool.

So… Neo-Classic Space Lego mechs shaped like dinosaurs, then. Gotta be awesome, right?

Raptor Mech

The VLC Raptor mech

Not having the bricks I needed in the colours I wanted, I had to make this dinomech digitally. And because no-one uses MLCad any more, I decided to bite the bullet and learn to use the Lego Group’s own Digital Designer.

There are pros and cons to this transition. On the one hand, Lego Digital Designer (LDD) is a lot less finicky and a lot more instinctive to use, much more like building with actual bricks. The program knows how things fit together a lot more than MLCad, and won’t allow you to place bricks where they cannot go. It also has a much more up-to-date brick inventory.

But on the other hand, MLCad has a much broader inventory of obsolete bricks that are no longer made. In addition, it has the ability to make any brick in any colour, even neon green axle rods if you so desire, while LDD restricts you to the palette of currently-available bricks. This is not an unreasonable imposition on the Lego Group’s part; just like in real life, you have to work with what they actually produce. But it is a limitation.

Also, because I’m used to the way MLCad sorts bricks, I’m having difficulty finding what I need. This will change, but it’s annoying at the moment.

Still, on the whole it’s been positive. I couldn’t have built this little dinomech in MLCad.

And having proved the dinomech concept, this little guy will probably be the first of a whole series of T-Mechs and Ankylocrawlers, and perhaps even Mechatheriums.

Same mech, different environment

Same mech, different environment

I’m calling it, for reasons that ought to be obvious, the VLC Raptor Mech, or Raptor for short. “VLC” doesn’t actually stand for anything; it’s there to complete the thought of “VeLoCi-Raptor”. I imagine it’s a makers’ designation, some future Lego equivalent of Honda or GMC.

Slightly different view

Slightly different view

The VLC Raptor is a fast, well-armed scout mech designed for reconnaissance-in-force in hostile terrain. It has a laser cannon mounted in the head, a couple more in front, grabbing arms that can hold tools or weapons, and a pair of foot-mounted cutting blades for close combat. It’s probably the fastest and most agile of my planned dinomechs, and may be one of the most versatile.

Rear aspect

Rear aspect


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