LL1018-series Plesiosaur

The LL1018-series "Plesiosaur" serves as a space fighter and general-purpose single-crew spaceship

The LL1018-series “Plesiosaur” serves as a space fighter and general-purpose single-crew spaceship

The LL1018 series “Plesiosaur” spaceship is a small single-crewed space vehicle used in the Saurian Sector. Comparable to the LL928 series one-man spaceship, the LL1018, like most Lego Space Fleet Command (L.S.F.C) hardware in this sector, is modeled on an extinct Earth creature: in this case, the group of long-necked marine reptiles known as Plesiosaurs.

The LL1018 is a product of the L.S.F.C. Saurian Sector Command’s internal design bureau, which is known for its distinctive Earth-Mesozoic-inspired spacecraft designs. Unlike the larger LL1028 Pliosaur-class, the Plesiosaur-class is considerably smaller, and functions as a scout ship or transatmospheric fighter.

LL1018 Plesiosaur 1

LL1018 Plesiosaur 3

Armed with up to five laser cannon, it is one of the most common ships of the L.S.F.C. in the Saurian Sector, and its elongated nosecone and tandem wing configuration make it one of the most recogniseable. Alternately, scanners and astrographical survey equipment may be refitted in place of the lasers, making the LL1018 series one of the most versatile ship types in the Sector, used for multiple missions from exploration to defence.

LL1018 showing its pilot

LL1018 showing its pilot

It is shown here piloted by Space Fleet Lieutenant Katie Stryker. Katie is a superb combat pilot with lightning reflexes and an almost instinctual grasp of three-dimensional space warfare. She has been decorated for her flying skills and bravery in combat numerous times, though she seldom actually wears the ribbons unless forced.

Katie prefers to pilot smaller spacecraft such as the LL1018 series; she deems them more responsive to a pilot’s touch and dislikes larger and more cumbersome craft like the LL928 series. Indeed, she has refused promotion on more than one occasion because it would take her away from piloting smaller spacecraft.

However, for all her skill she can get overconfident and attack vastly stronger forces alone or backed by only token support, and this sometimes gets her into trouble. In particular, she has a reputation for destroying or irreparably damaging the spacecraft she flies, not through lack of skill but through severely adverse circumstances.


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