VLC Troodon mini-dinomech

Continuing the series of dinosaur-derived Neo-Classic Space vehicles, I present the VLC Troodon mini-mech.

It was clear that while the VLC Raptor is a relatively light vehicle as mechs go, it was still too bulky to realistically fit inside the cargo bay of any vehicle designed as a rough equivalent to the LL928-series Space Cruiser/Galaxy Explorer. And such is the Pliosaur-class.

To do that, I had to go not larger, in a big Tyrannosaurus mechs, but smaller. A mini-Raptor. The Troodon is that smaller dinomech.

The VLC Troodon dinomech

The VLC Troodon dinomech

This mini-mech is produced by the VLC Corporation of the Saurian Sector as a small personal mobility vehicle. Designated the Troodon, the vehicle is the smallest dinomech produced by VLC Corp.

Due to the rugged nature of many of the Sector’s planets, mechs are far more suitable than rovers for surface mobility, and the rover of the old LL928 series Galaxy Explorer has been replaced by other vehicles in the large LL1028 series Saurian Sector Explorer, also known as the Pliosaur-class (article forthcoming). Chief among these is the VLC Troodon dinomech.

The VLC Troodon is the smallest dinomech made by the Corporation

The VLC Troodon is the smallest dinomech made by the Corporation

Due to the necessity of fitting into a fairly constrained cargo bay area, the mech has been designed to partially fold up into a relatively small volume. The hinged tail is part of this folding ability, as is the ability of the mech to disembark an LL1028-series vessel remotely without a pilot on its back.

The VLC Troodon’s pilot controls the vehicle via a handlebar-type controller mounted on the neck. The operator may either stand atop the small dinomech’s back (usual operations) or sit just behind the neck (which may be more comfortable for long-duration missions but which is less stable at high speed).

After aspect of the Troodon

After aspect of the Troodon

The Troodon is far more minimally-armed than the larger Raptor mech, with only a single head-mounted laser cannon as ranged armament. The single claws mounted in the arms can be used either for close-quarters battle, or more commonly to aid in climbing. Its minimal armament reflects its different role; the Raptor is an armed vehicle for reconnaissance-in-force, whereas the Troodon is more of a light explorer and general mobility vehicle.


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