Intruder Alert!

The Blacktron Intruder

The Blacktron Intruder

This is basically a larger, cooler version of the 1987-vintage 6894 Blacktron Invader. The Invader is my favourite Blacktron ship, and I couldn’t resist trying out an updated version using modern SNOT-heavy techniques.

I also couldn’t resist making it larger in order to incorporate more coolness. I groove to bigger models.

The original 6894 Invader

Like the Classic Blacktron Invader, it’s built in three sections that fasten together with pin fastenings. I built the engine section first, but I already had the basic concept for what I wanted to do with the middle cargo module, and that determined the extra width, which meant that in order to keep the basic lines of the original I was going to end up with a larger model. That’s why I’ve named this an “Intruder” rather than an “Invader MOC“, though I kept a similar name.

Intruder underside

Intruder underside

Where the original had transparent red plate wings, I went for spheres held in claws. I always thought of the engine section’s wings as something to do with the vessel’s power systems, but on the other hand, the Invader was the only ship that had them, so who knows? Anyway, I think my globes are cooler, and fit better with the sinister feel of the Blacktron.

The Intruder has an opening central module with disguised weaponry

The Intruder has an opening central module with disguised weaponry

The middle section looks like a standard cylindrical cargo module similar to what the original had (except the Intruder’s is rounded where the Invader had a faceted design). It looks like it, that is, until the whole thing opens up to reveal a powerful array of hidden weaponry. It has rapid-firing laser pulse clusters and red beam lasers.

I imagine, the Blacktron Alliance being the Blacktron Alliance, that they operate a lot of Intruders in which this is in fact a standard cylindrical cargo module, so that their Federation rivals are thrown off-balance, never knowing what to expect.

With the modular design of Blacktron ships, in fact, there could easily be four or five different middle sections with different armaments.

Central module closed, wings folded

Central module closed, wings folded

The cockpit section was in some ways the most challenging. As my first SNOT cockpit, it was a challenge to get the angled design to work with the pin connectors, but I figured out a solution. Like the Invader, the wings are angle-adjustable, and the cockpit can be attached directly to the engine section for a short version.

"Short" version without the central attack module

“Short” version without the central attack module

I couldn’t resist adding what seems to be becoming a standard undercarriage design for me. With two landing legs on the wings and one on the engine section, the Intruder can set down almost anywhere.


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