Neo-Futuron Speeder

You see a lot of Neo-Classic Space out there with its awesome blue/grey/trans yellow colour scheme, but rather less Neo-Futuron.  So I built this Neo-Futuron landspeeder.

Neo-Futuron speeder

Neo-Futuron speeder

I wasn’t intending this as necessarily Neo-Futuron, but that’s the sort of vibe it seems to have ended up with.

085 086

I don’t have any Futuron minifigures to crew it, and one of my kids seems to have run off with Pete the Roboturtle Feeder (from the LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit set), so Yve the Exo-Suit Driver is copiloting for the minifigure I’ve christened Laurie the Androgynous Ice Planet Guy.  With that floppy fringe of hair, I was convinced for several years that this minifig was a girl, but the consensus seems to be that the figure is a he.

087 088


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