Steampunk Blacktron

SteamBlacktron Einvader

SteamBlacktron Einvader

Maybe I have a weird mind, but something about the old Blacktron Invader just seemed to cry out to be made into a steampunk flying machine.

I’ve tried to echo the 1987 original (but in a steampunky sort of way), so this is a lot smaller and simpler than my last humungous steampunk creation. This is more like the sort of thing you might end up with as an actual set from a steampunk theme: one of the the dirigible flying machines of the nefarious Baron Rheinhardt von Blacktron and his henchmen.

Einvader 2

Making a steampunk echo of this Blacktron classic was actually a lot of fun. I have pirate-style cannon replacing the lasers of the original, and propellers instead of rockets. The original’s folding wings have become angled rotors, and the trans red fins (what were those things supposed to be?) have become bat-wing ailerons. Though still trans red, to faithfully echo the original.

Einvader pilot Wolfgang von Darkseide

Einvader pilot Wolfgang von Darkseide

Unfortunately this one doesn’t include either the modular construction of the original or the opening cargo bay with its small robot. I could probably make a clockwork robot to include, but there’s no way to realistically transport it internally in this model. In addition, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get the pilot in and out.

Einvader 3

The Einvader is completed by a pair or smokestacks on the roof, and a trio of landing legs on the bottom. The Von Blacktron Einvader is one of the main aerial threats to the Steampunk Empire. This one is piloted by Baron von Blacktron’s right-hand man Wolfgang von Darkseide, but I imagine there’s a whole fleet of them in the Baron’s service.

Einvader 5

Now to turn the Alienator into a steampunk walker!


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