Bricksworth Hall: Entrance Hall

I thought I’d try my hand at LEGO interior design.

Entrance to Bricksworth Hall

Entrance to Bricksworth Hall

This is the entrance hall (call it a lobby or an atrium if you like) of a really big mansion house or stately home, of the sort that you might find as the backdrop to an Agatha Christie mystery.

Basically, this was mostly an excuse to build that big double staircase and balcony, though I have to admit I’m rather pleased with how it’s all turned out.

Entrance Hall 2

For a fairly big model (it sits on a 48×48 baseplate and overhangs the edges) that has such a lot of apparently empty space, there’s quite a lot going on. There are all the little period details like the butler with his tray of drinks, the antique telephone and the maid doing the dusting. Then there’s the lavatory and broom cupboard under the stairs, accessible to be played with via a removable panel at the back of the model.

Entrance Hall 3

The walls have recessed panels, light fixtures and pictures (in an ideal world these would be portraits, but even LDD Extended doesn’t have anything like that). There are potted plants along the sides of the room. And the floor is patterned.

Entrance Hall 5

Entrance Hall 4

It was quite fun to build this, and to populate it with its array of lords and butlers and maids and debutantes. I hope you enjoy it! I may even build some of the rest of the house at some point, if I get inspired.

Entrance Hall


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