Space Survey Ship “Jens Knudsen”

The part of me that is Benny the 1980-something Space Guy has been growing increasingly impatient at my crop of Moai, fancy entrance halls and steampunkery.

I got kind of Classic Spaced out for a while, but now Benny is back, and wants a spaceship.

I’m on the website under a different name, and there I’m writing a Classic Space story chronicling the origins of the Blacktron.

For that story, I needed a space survey ship, and so the inner Benny insisted I build it.


A previous Classic Space story of mine on that forum created the “fact” that initial survey of a star system was the province not of the Space Fleet but of the Explorien Corps, so this ought to be an Explorien ship.

However, I’m less familiar with Explorien hardware and design ethic, and system survey is the sort of role that I can see getting shuffled periodically between the Fleet and other agencies. At the time period of my Blacktron origin-story, apparently it’s a Fleet role, because this is definitely a Fleet ship.


The ship is visibly unarmed; there may be a couple of small pulse lasers to deal with rogue asteroids, but they would be invisible at this scale.


A survey ship is going to spend incredible amounts of time in frontier situations, away from the civilised heart of the Federation, and so help alleviate crew tensions I have made this a large ship with plenty of internal space. The vessel has at least two decks, and I would imagine that it has a good-sized crew. My story mentioned at least seven, but I’m thinking at least ten seems more reasonable for a ship this size.


As befits a survey vessel, the exterior bristles with probes and antennas of various kinds. The ship in my story was named the Jens Knudsen after the designer of the original Classic Space sets.



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