Blacktron Marauder

049The Marauder is a heavy fighter design used by the Blacktron Alliance as a space superiority and assault fighter.  Though not the most manoeuvrable ship in space, the Marauder makes up for that in armament and armour; Marauders will shrug off hits that will cripple other similarly-sized vessels.


Armed with two forward-firing lasers and a quartet of proton cannons (represented by the two stud shooters on top and the two lightsaber hilts underneath), the Marauder is one of the most armed ships for its size in space.  It is also relatively fast for its mass, and though not the fastest ship in space, it is better armoured than most similarly-sized ships of equivalent speed.


All of this weaponry and speed takes power, and the Marauder must run its drive power plant at rates which the Federation deem beyond safe limits due to the increased radiation exposure for the pilot.  The Blacktron Alliance uses nanotechnology banned in the Federation to aid the body’s own cellular systems in repairing radiation damage, and is frequently willing to run their drive systems at unsafe levels.

The Marauder’s overcharged drive unit burns through fuel rods far faster than equivalent Federation ships, however, so its range is rather lower than its Federation counterparts.  The Alliance consider the trade-off worthwhile, however, and frequently base their fightercraft on large hyperspace carriers and base ships.

I’ve seen other people building spaceships on a corner angle before, most notably Peter Reid’s Viper from Building the Future, but also others.  And the “impossibility factor” of building something in a weird direction always makes this sort of build look extra cool – how do you get a pilot to sit right?  I decided to stretch myself and have a go at the technique.


And it lets me use my one Blacktron quarter panel to best effect.  And, to reiterate, it’s a Blacktron ship, so it’s almost automatically awesome! 🙂


It was quite a challenge to get the pilot’s seat and the cockpit canopy to sit at what became a diagonal angle in SNOT construction, and you might notice that the cockpit doesn’t quite cover all of the pilot’s legs.  I might be able to rectify that in a future build, but for this one it will have to stay as it is.


I’m still lacking a proper Blacktron astronaut, too, so the pilot is wearing a Castle helmet and an old black flight-suit torso from a long-forgotten set.  Some sort of Blacktron Special Forces, perhaps.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this build.  It’s one of my favourite real-brick creations to date.


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