Rameses-class Heavy Destroyer

Ok, so having made a non-LEGO post this morning, I need to keep up my posting of actual models.



This is a ship I’m calling the Rameses-class Heavy Destroyer.  It’s a warship, obviously; something in the light-end medium-sized cruiser bracket, I’m thinking.  The dark red and white colour scheme is rather Star Wars Galactic Republic/Rebel Alliance, but this isn’t overtly a Star Wars ship, though it could be pressed into service, I suppose.


The name comes from the red and white colour scheme and twin tail configuration: Ancient Egypt in the Pharaonic period featured the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and the White Crown of Upper Egypt, united in the Twin Crown.

I’m a total sucker for vertically-oriented ships, otherwise this might have been laid out horizontally.  But I do like the way it looks, balanced on its stand on a couple of 1×1 tile clips.

Forward view showing the twin spinal lasers

Forward view showing the twin spinal lasers

The various launchers (missiles or torpedoes of some form I guess) at the sides (6 each side) probably rotate in the “real” thing, and there are two spinal heavy lasers or plasma accelerators mounted forward in the command section.


The rear section mounts three powerful fusion drives (don’t ask, but it sounds high-tech and cool) and sports those nifty twin tails.  I have no idea if they serve any purpose other than being decorative, but they are at least that!  The binoculars are probably some sort of docking thrusters, or maybe a rear-firing weapon.


I’m quite pleased with this ship.  One of my better large microbuilds, I think, and all the more interesting for having nothing to do with Classic Space


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