Fiery Trials

LSS Smaug

LSS Smaug

The Interstellar League Starship Smaug is the most famous and decorated of the Desolator-class. The Desolator-class Planetary Assault Ships are medium-sized cruiser- or destroyer-class vessels optimised for spaceborne assault on planets, and though their weaponry is very large and visible, most of the largest weapons are less capable in space-to-space combat.


The class’ main weapons are five massive plasma accelerator cannons. Plasma weapons are sublight weapons, less effective at the ranges at which space combat normally takes place, but due to their increased destructive potential against atmospheric targets make perfect planetary assault weapons: the League’s equivalent of ancient siege cannons.



Backing up the plasma cannons are six heavy-calibre lasers arranged in two broadside batteries of three each, plus five lighter turret guns. These are the main weapons used for space-to-space fighting, because lasers are light-speed weapons and thus harder to dodge.


Smaug’s engines are a pair of quad-nozzle advanced nuclear reaction engines for sublight manoeuvring, plus internal jump engines for interstellar transit.


I think this is one of my better microships. Some day soon I plan to build a really big microship, but these medium-sized ships are a lot of fun.


I used red as the primary colour due to element availability, and the fiery colour gave the ship its name. Smaug just seemed appropriate, somehow, particularly for an assault ship designed to attack planets.


And of course, once the ship itself was named, the class name suggested itself as the obvious possibility. Desolator, of course.



One thought on “Fiery Trials

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Wow, epic build, man! Love curve on the front and all the big “siege” cannons. Very unique design. And, of course, the name is brilliant.



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