Sniper-class Gun Frigate

Apparently I’m not only back in Classic Space mode (big surprise there), but back to using LDD as well.

A Sniper-class cruisers close to Federation border space

A Sniper-class cruisers close to Federation border space

This digital creation was actually intended as a test-bed for a real-brick creation I’m planning, but it works quite well as-is, don’t you think? If and when I actually build it, I’ll have to adapt considerably, because there are several elements here I either do not possess, or do not possess in the right colours, or do not possess in the right quantities. I have a Bricklink order in that will partially rectify this situation, but this creation wasn’t finished until after I’d already made my order. I’ll have to resort to the old standby of any self-respecting LEGO mastermind: adapt and conquer.

Anyway, here’s the digital version. A real-brick version may or may not follow.

sniper2The Sniper-class Gun Frigate is a new light warship class of the Space Federation. The class represents a new departure for light Federation combat cruisers. Typical Federation Space Fleet doctrine calls for lighter, frigate-class cruisers to act in a scouting role or to serve as screening elements for the large capital cruisers, using their antimissile lasers and energy mines to help protect the fleet from enemy missiles and fightercraft.


The Sniper-class’ massive main armament of a pair of spinally-mounted heavy lasers changes all that. Emerging doctrine calls for Snipers to be seeded into formations of more typically-designed frigates in twos and threes, to give such units an offensive punch they formerly lacked and allow lighter units to effectively strike against heavy capital ships and dreadnoughts.


The energy requirements of a main armament this relatively massive are just this side of insane, and the Sniper-class has been designed with a second main fusion reactor solely to handle the main grasers.

Such a weapons system also takes up a lot of space, and even with much of the normal frigate armament gutted or severely reduced to compensate, accommodations on board the Snipers are spartan.


Propulsion is provided by a pair of Naumann linear gravitic drives for normal-space thrust, plus a point-to-point Bendix wormhole generator for interstellar transit, as with most Federation ships of frigate class.



One thought on “Sniper-class Gun Frigate

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, lovely ship, Saurian! Absolutely epic! Love the whole sniper thing, with the big guns and all. Quite a unique idea for a starship. Superb greebling, too.

    Liked by 1 person


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