All Alone in the Night

Remember Babylon 5?

Star Trek‘s 1990s rival, in a completely different universe that featured, what a concept, spaceships that moved as if they were in zero-gee and vacuum.

I loved that show, loved the different tech levels of the different races, loved the fact that humans still acted like humans (I’m looking at you, Star Trek).

And I think my favourites among the various alien species were the Narns.

Ambassador G'Kar, the show's leading representative of the Narn Regime

Ambassador G’Kar, the show’s leading representative of the Narn Regime

Reptilian-looking but marsupial-like in their reproduction, the Narn Regime were the lowest-tech of the major races, but still dangerous for all that, particularly to the Centauri, against whom they held a specieswide grudge for the former Centauri domination of their homeworld.

Narn Frazi-class Heavy Fighter

Narn Frazi-class Heavy Fighter

This is one of their spacecraft – the Frazi-class heavy fighter that serves as the Narn Regime’s main space fighter. Armed with two pulse cannons, it is well-armoured but less manoeuvrable than some ships.



The Frazi-class is crewed by a single Narn pilot.

I’m quite satisfied with how this turned out, even if it’s just a microscale. Managing the bidirectional up-and-down building in the way I did adds a new technique to my toolbox.


The tail fins aren’t quite TV-accurate, but they’re as close as bricks will come at this scale. All in all, not a bad job.  And here’s the original, for comparison purposes:

Fanart reproduction of the Narn heavy fighter.

Fanart reproduction of the Narn heavy fighter.



2 thoughts on “All Alone in the Night

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Fascinating. I’ve never seen Babylon 5, but it actually sounds better than Star Trek. I should see if I can talk my family into watching it sometime.
    Anyway, really nice replication with that starfighter! Also, kudos to Babylon 5 for actually having starfighters (I’m looking at you Star Trek).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      B5 was great. It was also one of the first sci-fi TV shows to use almost-exclusive CGI for its space scenes. And it has spaceships with some colour, unlike Trek’s uniform grey fleet.
      It’s structured with a single overarching epic story built into the 5 seasons’ worth of episodes, so you have to watch it in order from the beginning, but don’t watch the prequel straight-to-TV movie about the Earth-Minbari War until you’ve seen at least the first two seasons, otherwise it’ll spoil some of that. Start with either the double-length pilot episode “The Gathering” or the first real episode “Midnight on the Firing Line”.

      Liked by 1 person


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