Beetlemania is Back

Next to spaceships, I think creatures are one of my favourite things to build.

I’ve built dinosaurs, owls, giant ground sloths and other creatures in the past, and the first LEGO set I bought myself as a married adult was the Red Creatures Creator 3-in-1 set.


There are no major new piece uses or fancy building techniques used in this big red guy, but I’m quite pleased with the effect nonetheless.


Beetles and insects are quite satisfactorially LEGO-able, what with their jointedness and hardshelled nature. It occurred to me that now that my stock of those curved shell elements has increased significantly, I might use them as insect leg parts.


This large predatory beetle is the result.

I guess with that horn on his carapace that he’s some kind of rhinoceros beetle relative, but rhinoceros beetles are herbivorous and this guy’s jaws make him a predator.


I’m significantly pleased with those jaws, actually; the multiple articulation of them is one of my favourite pieces of creature functionality that I’ve made in a while.


After I finished Big Red, I looked at the abdominal carapace and wondered if I could articulate that, just like real beetle wing cases.


The smaller dark blue guy was the result of that experiment.


He’s not quite as finished as Big Red; in particular his abdomen under the wing cases is a little underbuilt. But there was no way to make properly-scaled folding wings that would fit under those covers; I decided to forego the wings.


Little Blue’s antennae were going to be all-black, but I was having trouble locating the black “finger” elements so I used gold instead, and decided it made a pleasing contrast to the rest of the predominantly dark blue and black beetle. Big Red doesn’t actually have antennae, because for the first half of his construction he was going to be a spider, and spiders don’t have them. That’s also why he appears to have more than two eyes.


It’s not the most seasonal of builds, but I’m singularly uninspired for autumnal and Thanksgiving-y stuff. Have some beetles instead.




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