Fantastic Beasts (And Where To Find Them)


Dragons are easy. A dragon can look like anything and still be a dragon, because they are fully imaginary and they really can look like almost anything.


A griffin, on the other hand, is assembled from the parts of real creatures, so it’s much more of a challenge to build. Lion’s body and back legs, eagle’s head,front legs and wings, plus those unusual tufted or pointed ears that I always imagine as being like those of a lynx.

This is my attempt.


I’d have liked a couple of those “+”-shaped plates for the front feet, but what I have works ok. I only have one of those, and it’s lavender, which would really add a rather sucky element to this.


Poseability of this is pretty extreme. The neck, tail, wings and legs all have multiple parts of articulation; I could only do better if I could figure out a way to get a working jaw.




3 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts (And Where To Find Them)

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Cool build, Saurian! I’ve never really seen a Lego griffin before, and while this isn’t perfect it’s a pretty good representation. The horn on the front really makes it. Excellent work!

    Liked by 1 person


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