Elemental Dragon of Earth

Cole's Elemental Dragon

Cole’s Elemental Dragon

Dragons aren’t seasonal.

Chinese New Year, perhaps, but not Christmas.

Nevertheless, I found myself in dragonbuilding mode, and as my kids are Ninjago fans, the build quickly developed into a Cole’s Elemental Dragon of Earth MOC.


It’s obviously a much more Oriental style of dragon than most of the Ninjago dragons; one of my peeves about the theme is the Western nature of its dragons.  Only the awesome Sensei Wu dragon is a really Oriental-style dragon.  Plus possibly the Morro dragon.

This one has wings, which isn’t technically correct for an Oriental dragon, but my 5-year-old is baffled as to how a dragon can fly without wings.  I told him that perhaps they were like some sort of living airship.  Steampunkery for the win.


Cole is obviously seated atop the body, which has a pleasing amount of articulation in the three-section design.  He’s holding the Scythe of Quakes, because I’m a traditionalist, even though the Golden Weapons were long since destroyed.  Probably.



The head is nicely moustachioed, has twin stud shooters for its nostrils, and antlerlike horns that neatly reference the Nine Resemblances of the Dragon.  The neck is thinner than I’d really like, but it works as a neck.  I really must get some of those Bionicle arm/leg shell elements in a colour other than red sometime.  They’re so useful for this sort of bulking-up.



4 thoughts on “Elemental Dragon of Earth

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Oooh, awesome dragon, man! Love the Oriental look—it’s actually a really interesting mix with the addition of wings. Would love if this became a common style of dragon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. geoffhorswood Post author

    Yeah, Eastern-style dragons have at least as much potential as Western-style ones for interesting builds. And they’re far less common. I’m sure there are some out there, but I’d like to see them used more.


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