The White Dragon

With my son having received the wonderful Ninjago Lloyd’s Green NRG Dragon set for Christmas (and the Jay’s Elemental Dragon set, but it’s the NRG dragon that’s impressively huge), I decided to try for a dragon of my own that would rival it in size.  Time off over Christmas and New Year has been good for building. Stand by for several posts over the next few days and weeks.


Choosing white as a prospective Zane’s Ice Dragon, I was disconcerted upon completion of the MOC to discover that Zane was exercising his Ninja stealth skills and currently missing from the minifigures bucket. Oops.


So, one of the Castle minifigures. One of my Black Falcons, for nostalgia’s sake, sitting atop a rather nice saddle in dark red.


I think this may be one of my best dragons yet. It’s a lot more Western in form than my previous Cole’s dragon, and though the wings are a little sparser than I’d really like, they’d be unmanageable if I made them any bigger and heavier.


The dragon’s neck doesn’t articulate quite as much as I’d really like, particularly in the side-to-side direction, but clickstop joints were the only way to give it the needed structural strength. As it is, the head balances precariously on the next-to-last ball-joint.


A dragon this cool needs a name, though. I think I’m calling him Aghtajal, a corruption of the Kazakh Turkic words for “white monster”, as well as sounding pleasingly draconic and alien. “White monster” is a little unpleasant for such a noble-looking beast, perhaps, but no-one said dragons – or nobles – were good.  And he’s bigger than pretty-boy Lloyd’s Green NRG Dragon, so take that, Ninjago!



3 thoughts on “The White Dragon

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Oooh, wow, this is fantastic! And huge! And epic! I’m actually kinda happy you couldn’t find Zane, because that bit of castle-y nostalgia just makes this even more awesome. I really like those projections on the side of the head, and the wings are actually quite cool. Excellent work!

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    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      Yes, it’s actually turned out much better as a Castle dragon than as a Ninjago one. Zane has since been found, apart from his ninja mask. But in the absence of a ninja mask or appropriate hair, he’s still not available for any of _my_ builds.

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