Here Be Dragons

Following on from my Elemental Dragon of Earth and White Dragon builds, I decided to have another go at a proper Eastern-style dragon. My friend Luke Skytrekker is right; there really aren’t many of them out there. But there’s another one now, because I built it.


Red is a good colour for a Chinese-style dragon, because it has cultural associations of prosperity and good fortune. Also, unlike blue or yellow or some other colours, I have the bricks to put something like this together in a reasonable colour scheme.


This dragon is not as big and bulky as my white dragon Aghtajal, but the slimmer, serpentine form is much more appropriate to a proper Eastern dragon. He’s also considerably smaller than my first Asian Dragon MOC, but since that one was quite a rainbow warrior (and I loathe building rainbow warriors) I’m ok with that.


Unlike most of my dragons, this one has no place for a rider. People don’t tend to put riders and saddles on an Asiatic dragon in the way they do on a European one; somehow it’s less common. Fantasists don’t tend to use Eastern dragons as much, and it’s really that genre than pushes the whole dragon-rider thing.

Anyway, this dragon has no rider.


If I remember right, the three toes make it a Japanese dragon rather than a Chinese dragon, though it might be four toes and five toes. I remember the Chinese dragon has an extra toe relative to the Japanese, but not the precise number. Red would have been nice for the toes, but I don’t have any finger elements in that colour. I couldn’t even do them all in black, and one foot and a toe would look silly.


I also took the opportunity to make up a Flaming Pearl for the dragon to hold. If I recall correctly, the Pearl is a sort of cosmic thunderbolt or lightning weapon of dragons, associated with their aspect as lords of the sky and weather.


I had to break up my Cole’s Earth Dragon MOC to build this, but that’s ok. The best MOC is always the next one! And we have enough bricks in the household to keep this, my White Dragon, Jay’s Elemental Dragon and a Lloyd mech made mostly out of Green NRG Dragon all built at the same time! Coolness!


8 thoughts on “Here Be Dragons

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Fantastic work, man! Really dig the serpentine look. You also seem to know a good bit about Eastern dragons, which helps a lot with making this build feel authentic. I have never heard of the Pearl thing before, that’s really neat.
    Now, for some reason, I really wanna see a story / build that combines this with a steampunk aesthetic…

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    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      Ooh, Chinese/Japanese steampunk! That would be fun! Not sure I could do it justice, though. I have dragonlore and I’ve read James Clavell, but that’s about it for authentic Orientalism for me, I’m afraid.
      I recently read a steampunk novel that combined that ethos with an Indian/Bollywood feel. That was pretty cool.

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      1. Luke Skytrekker

        I’m even less qualified, since my knowledge of Orientalism is basically limited to the Japanese/Chinese dragons I used to see in a local Fourth of July parade. 😛
        Oh, that sounds fascinating. I really need to dig my teeth into some steampunkian literature at some point.

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      2. geoffhorswood Post author

        Oh, yes. Do that. Most of the Discworld series don’t have to be read in order, but there are particular sequences that follow the same characters. Terry Pratchett’s later writing is better than his earliest Discworld books, so I’d probably start with “Guards! Guards!”, “Wyrd Sisters” , “Going Postal” or possibly “Thief of Time” or as an introduction.


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