Mr. Damien Thorne’s Counter-Gravitational Steam-Velocipede

The Counter-Gravitational Steam-Velocipede

The Counter-Gravitational Steam-Velocipede

A younger scion of the celebrated Thorne family, Viscounts Bunkervale, Mr. Damien Thorne follows in his father’s footsteps as a card-carrying member of the Royal Society of Engineers. His patented counter-gravitational system utilises magnetokinetic effects to repel the force of gravitation, allowing his personal steam-velocipede to levitate at up to eighteen feet above the surface of the ground.


The steam engine that powers his invention uses the energised-coal process of steam generation perfected by his father, the invention of which prompted Her Majesty to create him Viscount Bunkervale. The energised-coal process allows far greater efficiency in steam engines, with the result that bunkering requirements have been vastly reduced.


Her Majesty’s Armed Forces have expressed interest in Mr. Thorne’s counter-gravitational engines for a series of scout vehicles for the Army, but as yet his own steam-velocipede is the sole operating example of the mechanism, which not only provides the levitative force but also serves as a propulsive system. By changing the configuration of the counter-gravitational field, the vehicle can be flown forwards, bank, turn, climb or dive (within the limits of the field’s operation). Flying backwards, while technically possible, is not recommended due to the dangers this poses to both bystanders and the operator.





This creation, obviously, has a great deal of Star Wars speeder bike in its ancestry. That’s fine; plenty of other people have built steampunk speeder bikes before me.


But we can do better with the description than “This is a steampunk speeder bike. Isn’t it cool?”. And if that gives it a startlingly different official pedigree than merely being a steampunk version of a Star Wars gadget, well, there’s not much wrong with that, either.


The leafy green backdrop was actually built before the tumbledown urban one, but then I decided that green and growing was less in keeping with the steampunkery of the subject.  So I built this instead:



One thought on “Mr. Damien Thorne’s Counter-Gravitational Steam-Velocipede

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, wow, this is epic, man! That golden knife thing on the front just sells it! So awesome! Really nice backdrops, too, and the greebling on everything is superb.

    Liked by 1 person


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