Well, my son made the reasonable assumption that my ghost ship (last time) was indeed a Ninjago ghost ship. “Can we build a Ninja ship too?”, he asked. So I built a sort of diminutive version of the Destiny’s Bounty, but it’s not really good enough to show.


This ice mech, however, I’m sufficiently pleased with to publicise.


Zane’s turned up again since I built the white dragon, but sans his ninja mask, which appears to be permanently missing. I’ve ordered a replacement from Bricklink now (for my son’s upcoming 6th birthday next month), so I’ll probably find it some time in the next two or three weeks :P.


Anyway, this is an ice mech for the titanium Ice Ninja to drive. It’s a while since I’ve buuilt a proper mech, and I’m quite pleased with the semiorganic look of the legs and arms. Apparently dragonbuilding pays off in mech limb construction technique.


The framed rollbar cockpit canopy is a new departure for my mechs, but I’m mostly pleased with it. I think all white would have been better, but Saurian’s First Rule states that “You Use What You Have”. That was what was available, and it still fits the basic colour scheme as per Saurian’s Third Rule.


My son added a sword to the claw hand, but it’s gold, which breaks the Third Rule (“Being OCD About Brick Colour Is Always Worthwhile”). So here’s the mech without it.



3 thoughts on “Iced

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, epic mech, Saurian! It looks quite beast-y, in both senses of the word. It is quite organic looking—nice job with that! Don’t usually see that approach taken with Lego mechs.

    Liked by 1 person

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