Where the Spacedozers Roam

I like to build spacecraft and I work in construction, so you’d think the intersection of the two might be more of a common theme in my work. Maybe.

Not so; I’ve toyed with the concept a little, but perhaps because I work around them all day, bulldozers are usually boring to me. So it was a refreshing challenge for me to try to build this spacedozer.

More fruits of “Febrovery”, this model was what resulted from the thought “ok, I built a regular Neoclassic rover, but is there any way I can mix it up?”

Space emergency vehicles seemed like a good idea, but a vastly better builder than I posted an amazing space ambulance rover, so I didn’t want to do that. And Space Police is already a thing, while space fire-rescue doesn’t work because you can’t have fire in a vacuum. Space construction seemed like the next best option.

This rover is entirely too sleek to be truly realistic as a construction vehicle, which are normally blocky, clunkily-shaped thIngs of brute power. But it works as a sort of spacedozer. The dozer blade even raises and lowers, while the rear grabbing arm is perfect for lifting and carrying. And it has a green astronaut pilot in keeping with my personal decision that the green suits represent Space Fleet’s logistics and support command.

It’s not my greatest model ever, but it’s sort of fun.


6 thoughts on “Where the Spacedozers Roam

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