Holy Retro Kitsch, Batman!

The tumbler seems to be the modern incarnation of the Batmobile, but although it’s highly capable as a vehicle it’s almost mind-numbingly ugly.

If there’s a Batmobile for the category of “so ugly it wins design awards”, the tumbler is it. I’m sorry, but it struggles to be the Batmobile to me.

Of course, my sense of style basically froze in 1989, but the tumbler’s all wrong for a comic-book superhero’s car that has such a pedigree and history as the Batmobile.

For a portion of my psyche, the old 1960s/1970s Adam West/Burt Ward Batmobile will always be the Batmobile.

Ok, with the firepower modern villains’ incarnations bring to the party our heroes need something a bit more bulletproof and less stealable, but that Batmobile fits the campy comicbook milieu perfectly. Long on style and short on practicality, but at the same time an actual driveable car. It’s one of the most iconic vehicles of all time, and due to my wife’s fandom of the kitschy old serial it’s a car my 6-year-old son also thinks of as a, if not the Batmobile.

So with my son having acquired a couple of LEGO Batman Movie sets including, among other figures, both Batman and Robin, the Batmobile I inatantly thought of reproducing was the classic retro one.

The front end isn’t fully accurate to the TV version, but it’s as close as I can get in bricks and my son’s happy with it. And best of all, it’s got room for both Batman and Robin, and the LEGO Batman Movie figures don’t look out of place.

Penguin was always my favourite villain, but we don’t have him yet. And he doesn’t really have any readily-buildable vehicles like the Batmobile. There’s never really been an official Penguinmobile, but maybe I could do a digital version of his submarine from the 1966 movie…


3 thoughts on “Holy Retro Kitsch, Batman!

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, lovely build, Saurian! I’ll be honest—I’ve never been a superhero guy, so I really don’t know much about the Batmobiles and that kinda thing, but I will say this is epic.

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    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      I’m less of a superhero guy than I used to be. I was mostly a Marvel guy, when I read comics; Batman’s about the only DC-universe superhero I know much about. And that’s mostly from the old ’60s TV series whose 1970s reruns were Batman for my childhood. So much has happened in the various superhero universes since I read anything seriously that one might as well start from scratch.

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      1. Luke Skytrekker

        Yeah, I’ve never read comics or anything, myself. Have seen a few of the movies, so I know a bit of the Cinematic Universe, but nothing special. Do love me some Guardians of the Galaxy, though.

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