Ice Ice Baby

It’s the middle of April, and daytime temperatures in Texas are bouncing around the eighty-degree Fahrenheit mark, or closing in on thirty degrees Celsius and the sort of temperature only reached in Britain in the height of summer.

It must be time for another Ice Planet creation.

I started this model with the intention of using one of my new rubber caterpillar tracks to make a small skidoo-like vehicle. Skis in front, single track in back, room for a single scout driver, that sort of thing.

Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to make the single rear track work for anything remotely as slim as I wanted. Everything ended up being far fatter than I was looking to build. And it didn’t help that the ski steering column was a pretty substantial affair, either.

Shrugging in resigned desperation, I decided to double up the tracks and build a side-by-side double-wide version of the track section. This made a considerably larger vehicle than I was initially intending, but on the other hand it gave me the perfect excuse to mount a radar-guided twin plasma cannon in the back.

So it’s no longer the diminutive personal scout vehicle I anticipated building, but a heavy skidoo-mounted space defence cannon is a worthwhile addition to the Ice Planet folks’ vehicle inventory, and I rather like what I’ve built, so here it is.


2 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Yay! More Ice Planet! I’m always a big fan of your work with this theme, and this creation is no exception. That turret is epic, and the whole track-ski combo thing works out really nicely.

    Liked by 1 person


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