Quick! To the Batmech!

Batman goes with LEGO like salsa goes with tortilla chips. Of all the superheroes in either the Marvel or the DC universes, Batman is probably the one that LEGOes best. Yes, I just enverbed the word “LEGO”. I mean that Batman is the hero that most readily lends himself to reproduction in LEGO set form.

Superman’s powers are innate. Brickwise, he’s just Superman flying around. His villainous nemesis Lex Luthor is the one with all the cool toys, but it’s hard to generate a decent lineup of sets featuring Supes battling alone against a whole succession of villainous vehicles and mechsuits. Green Lantern can generate all kinds of cool green energy things, but it’s difficult to develop sets whose building potential is almost entirely in trans bright green. Also, Sinestro’s an annoying villain and has the same problem in trans yellow, and the Green Lantern movie was panned by critics. I enjoyed it, though.

In the Marvel universe, Iron Man is perhaps the most conceptually similar to Batman in that his powers come from his technological toys, but Iron Man’s toys are a near-infinite series of body armours, and those just require more minifigures.

I don’t think Marvel have a Batman-like major hero who builds themed vehicles and toys like Batman does. Spiderman doesn’t build Spidercopters and Spiderbikes (various toys including official LEGO notwithstanding). Captain America doesn’t build Patriotcycles and Ameritanks. The X-Men don’t build Xmechs and Mutantmobiles. It doesn’t happen.

Batman’s main drawback as far as LEGOfication is concerned is expressed so well by his LEGO Movie incarnation: “I only work in black. And occasionally really really really dark grey”. But even there, you have his faithful sidekick Robin providing some colour (when the Boy Wonder gets his own stuff, which isn’t often), and his archnemesis the Joker rocking the purple and green evil clown archetype. And of course, his villains are buildworthily creative. Joker builds stuff. Penguin has his umbrella- and seabird-themed hardware. Riddler isn’t averse to using zany gadgets. Even Catwoman rides a motorbike, as does Batman’s sometimes-sidekick and ally Batgirl.

Anyway, I decided that Batman needed a mech. A good one; the power suit from Batman versus Superman is ok-ish, but we can do better than that.

My Batmech is definitely a mech rather than a power suit, with a full-on cockpit at its heart.

For once I’ve built its feet rather than use the Hero Factory/Bionicle-esque dragon feet; they just look too organic and bestial for something Batman would build.

This mech includes a pair of Bat-arms that are perhaps a little short, though I’m not sure that building them a little bit longer in the forearm wouldn’t spoil the effect, plus the legs of course. Then mounted on the back I’ve added a massive Bat-laser cannon and a pair of spring-loaded shooters looking pleasingly like a Bat-missile pod.

After the main vehicle was built I decided that Batman needed a weapon that could shoot stuff on the ground. Hence the ventrally-mounted Bat-machine gun, which is rather unfortunately placed and might need to be censored.

The Bat-look is completed by the pair of ears atop the cockpit. They’re totally functionless and actually interfere with the firing arcs of the two primary weapons, but comic-book superheroes have never been long on practicality. Roll with it.

The Batmech completed, I’m struck by how the yellow highlights give the vehicle an awesome first-generation Blacktron appearance. Replace the cockpit with one in trans yellow and Bob’s your uncle.

With those ears, a repurposed Blacktron Batmech could have no other name than Anubis-class. Jackal-headed Egyptian god of death. Yeah, that’ll work.


3 thoughts on “Quick! To the Batmech!

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, awesome mech (aside from that rather unfortunately placed laser cannon, of course)! I really like the design, and after you pointed out it could be Blacktron I liked it even more. Lovely job.

    Liked by 1 person

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