Batmech 2: Robin is Jealous

“Why does Batman get all the cool stuff?”

“It’s not fair!” the Boy Wonder complains. “I’m the kid superhero, so why does Batman get all the toys?”

It’s true, Robin doesn’t often get specifically Robin-themed hardware. His purpose is to be Batman’s sidekick and anchor to reality in the “what is sanity anyway?” subtext of any good Batman incarnation. Canonically, he uses Batstuff.

A mech is usually a single-pilot vehicle, though, so if Batman’s in a Batmech there’s absolutely no reason why Robin shouldn’t get his own Robinmech. And really, it makes Batman look kind of weak if he’s in a whole mechsuit while Robin is doing the infinitely studlier unaided hand-to-hand fighting.

Plus, the concept of a Batmech and a Robinmech fighting side by side is so awesome I nearly wet myself.

“This is more like it!”

As befits Robin’s secondary status and junior age bracket, the Robinmech is shorter than the Batmech. It may be better armed, though; there’s a similar laser cannon primary weapon and a machine gun (this one mounted on the nose because Robin is still a minor and doesn’t need censorable weapon placements). And instead of the twin spring-loaded shooters on the Batmech’s shoulder, the Robinmech has a hand-mounted rotary stud shooter with six shots to the Batmech’s two.

The Robinmech’s red, yellow and green colour scheme makes a pleasing contrast to the light sink that is any piece of Batstuff, and I think the silver semiskeletal Bionicle limb elements work far better than the black I’ve normally used on such mechs.

As an aside, Robin’s name has always confused me. If he’s named after the bird, the American robin isn’t nearly so good a fit personality-wise as the European robin. And yet Dick Grayson is always portrayed as an American. Gotham is basically Chicago, after all, and there’s never any indication that Robin is a foreigner.

But if he’s not named after the bird, how did he come to pick “Robin”? Robin Hood? That Robin was an outlaw, for all he was a good guy. It doesn’t work with the Dynamic Duo’s alliance with Police Commissioner Gordon.

I’d kind of like it if he was named after the bird. It makes a sort of sense, especially the European one. Whereas the American robin is a seasonal songbird in the thrush family, relatively gentle despite being several sizes bigger than its transatlantic counterpart, the European robin is a tough, aggressive little bird. It is known to attack red things many times its own size, and gets called “the gardener’s friend” from its habit of preying on common pests. Feisty, tough little bird that preys on common pests? That works, you see.

But however he got his name (and he ain’t told me), I think Robin agrees. He needs his own toys.


2 thoughts on “Batmech 2: Robin is Jealous

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Lovely mech, man! The pseudo-Atlantis look you’ve got going on here works really with Robin’s color scheme and, as you said, contrasts well with Batman’s comparative Blacktronian light-sinky-ness. 😛 The large, ever-so-slightly zanny armaments really complete the look, too. Excellence!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      That trans bright green windshield was actually one of the first elements I ever bought from Bricklink, and I’ve never used it up until now. I’ve not built anything where it seemed to work.
      It really works with Robin’s colours, though.

      Liked by 1 person


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