Double Whammy

My son’s been building again.

In fairly typical six-year-old mode, this is his super-turret, with every different kind of fireable LEGO weapon we have except for the 2×2 disc shooter on it somewhere.

I’m blogging this as an addendum because I was really impressed that he managed to re-invent the bar-with-clips-on-both-sides form of LEGO hinge all by himself.

Talented guy.


2 thoughts on “Double Whammy

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    I can definitely say building skills run in your family, that’s for sure. When I was six, I was just slapping 2×4 bricks on square plates and calling that a spaceship. This, in contrast, is absolutely excellent. Some real nice details and shaping on this thing. I can’t wait to see what you son builds next—he gets better every time.

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  2. geoffhorswood Post author

    I know. It took me a while as an AFOL to tumble to that particular trick of building.
    This has all of my son’s six-year-old usual overgunnedness, but it’s far better than anything I put together at that age. Of course, when I was that age, the first modern-style minifigures had only been around for a year or so, Classic Space was in its infancy and most of our modern clips and bars and clickstop hinges and stuff were a mere dream of the future at most. The capabilities of modern elements give you a lot of options that just didn’t exist back then.

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