Horse de Combat

Ok, this is rather silly.  But people have made LEGO mechs piloted by frogs before, so I’m in good company.

But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a battle mech piloted by a horse before.

I  said once before that I’ve had a long-standing ambition to use the horse element in a spaceship, so perhaps this is where the inspiration came from.  But I really have no idea.  Just another of the weird ideas that pop into my head.


5 thoughts on “Horse de Combat

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Dang it, you beat me to it! 😛 I’ve always wanted to do this! 😛 At least, I think I have. Maybe my idea was a chicken… Can’t remember now. I feel like I’ve contemplated horse mechs before.
    Anyway, this is utterly brilliant! I love it when people do stuff like this, and seeing it accomplished with your level of skill is awesome. I’ve never actually seen an animal mech (what would that genre be called? FarmMecha?) done a more industrial color scheme, and it’s pretty cool. Epic work!
    You’ve really gotta get back on some building community or something, ’cause more people need to be seeing all this genius stuff you come up with. I know Promar at least is on MOCpages—maybe you should give that place a shot.

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      1. Luke Skytrekker

        Really? That’s a pity. Maybe it’s your browser…?
        I didn’t realize there was a Lego community in Pinterest. I may have to look into that, though I’m not under the impression it supports long, story-type descriptions or that sort of thing. If it does, I may be in.
        Also, as I think I’ve said, there’s quite a sizable community of Lego builders on Flickr. It is a little difficult to be found on there, though, at least at first.

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      2. Luke Skytrekker

        Hm, yeah, Chrome is fairly standard… Looks like other people have had uploader problems with Chrome, too.
        Some quick Googling suggests it’s because their uploader uses Java. Apparently some computers will block a site’s use of Java unless told to make an exception. I don’t know if this helps, but:

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