The Logistics of Blackness

People do build Blacktron support vehicles, but they’re not as common as, say, tanks or mechs or space fighters. There are reasons for this: the Blacktron are supposedly the Classic Space universe’s criminal element. All the scientific and logistical support things that the Classic Space astronauts do are a little too much like honest work.

However, even if the Blacktron are merely the Cosa Nostra in space, they’re going to need some support vehicles, even if only to fuel up their spaceships and/or transport their stolen goods. And I don’t think that’s what the Blacktron are.

I think the Blacktron organisation are more like a rebel alliance or separatist movement, established to counter some perceived injustice or overthrow some perceived oppression.

The fact that they have their own equipment and uniforms and logo tend to suggest these aren’t merely run-of-the-mill criminals. Who knows? Maybe they’re even heroic Robin Hood/George Washington types, standing against the brightly-coloured tyranny of the Federation and its Space Police enforcers…?

And if that’s the case, that they represent a separatist state or rebel secessionist movement, then they need all the planetary survey ships and seismological monitoring vehicles and scoop loaders and mobile tracking stations that the regular Classic Space astronauts of the Federation have.

Being in the mood to build something Blacktron (to showcase my newly-acquired Blacktron astronauts (three of them, plus two red and two white Classic astronauts, all at very reasonable prices), I was singularly uninspired for a spaceship or a combat rover. But the idea of a Blacktron space truck sounded like a good one.

The configuration with the Blacktron quarter panel logo-up creates a slightly unusual container cross-section, shaped rather like the traditional “cut-diamond” gemstone shape. Not only is this pleasingly different, but I can think of an in-story rationale for it as well: Four of them get fastened together around a slim core section to form a single surface-to-orbit heavy-lift rocket. Perhaps with eight quarter-section containers stacked four and four, container loading and planetary gravity permitting.

Alas, I can only build one section, but I’ve added a rocket engine on the rear to suggest that capacity.

The cab is an open, roll-cage cockpit, because I imagine the Blacktrons probably can’t afford as much in the way of creature comforts; they’re fighting for their survival against the omnipresent Space Police.

Anyway, here’s my Blacktron surface hauler. No fancy codenames or backstory, for once. Just a nicely Blacktron model with a real Blacktron driver.


4 thoughts on “The Logistics of Blackness

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    That’s awesome that you have some real-deal Blacktron agents! There are few better minifigures out there!
    This space truck is lovely! The diamond-shaped rocket-section cargo pod is a really cool departure from classical truck designs, even in sci-fi circles, and I dig it. The roll-cage and big-wheeled suspension are awesome, too. Great stuff!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      Thanks! The diamond shape wasn’t really an attempt to be cool and unusual, more of a reaction to my single Blacktron quarter panel. It works, though.
      Now that I’ve got some Blacktrons and a decent spread of Classic astronaut colours (including the 2 red and 2 white I just bought), I feel like I can really get to work! Wait til you see what I have in mind for the Fourth of July…

      Liked by 1 person

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