6929 Starfleet Voyager update

The 6929 Starfleet Voyager was a handsome Classic Space set. One of the earliest sets to feature the white Classic Space colour scheme (mostly white, with either blue or old grey, and trans blue windscreen elements), it probably replaced the old 924 Space Transporter (or Space Cruiser, as it was sold in the USA) as this set was also called “Space Transporter” in the UK.

I think my microscale space battle cruiser Diomedes (see here) made more of a connection with that set than I realised, because I found myself thinking “I bet I could build an update”.

I’ve chosen to build using the “classic” blue/grey/trans yellow colour scheme, which I generally prefer over the white livery. If anyone’s got any ideas for a good in-universe reason why there would be two different concurrent colour schemes in the Classic Space fleet, I’m all ears.

As a deliberate echo of and homage to the original, I’ve preserved the gooseneck design and non-splitting-into-two-ships. But there have been some basic design concept changes as well as the more general smoothing-out and updating I’ve done.

Most specifically, the little cargo pod that rode in the back of the original is gone, replaced by a secondary crew area or science station. This allows a second astronaut to be transported; the original set may well have been the largest Classic Space ship of its era to have room for only a single minifigure.

The Concorde-style drop-down nosecone is also gone, because I couldn’t think of a legitimate reason for it to be needed. It’s not like the actual supersonic Concorde, where the nose was dropped to give better visibility for takeoff and landing, then raised again for streamlining at supersonic speeds. It’s a spaceship. It doesn’t need to worry about air resistance.

I’ve got one of my new red Classic Spacemen flying the ship, partly because that was the original model and partly because I’ve changed my mind about the roles of the various suits.

Having taken a look at the accumulated evidence of all the various Classic Space sets and their depictions, I discovered that Peter Reid and Tim Goddard may have had a point in making their red suits represent flight crew. Almost always, especially in the early days before there were yellow and blue and black suits, the red astronauts are shown flying spaceships or driving surface vehicles. I’ve paid special attention to those sets in which there are red astronauts and those of other colours, and with the exception only of sets like the planetary bases, they are almost exclusively the main drivers or operators.

So I think the red suits are the practical pilot/driver types, the ones that are primarily responsible to get the astronauts from A to B, while the white astronauts are the scientist types who actually do the studying once they’re there. It’s a white astronaut manning the Mobile Tracking Station, and a white astronaut manning the Mineral Detector.

The system breaks down a bit later, when sets like the Galaxy Commander include a red astronaut that isn’t either of the two pilots (who are yellow), but given the other sets that the yellow astronauts are in, I’m actually proposing those as the engineers and/or technicians. Yellow astronauts very properly crew the Mobile Rocket Transport and Space Supply Station (or Mission Control Centre, to use its British name); I suspect a yellow astronaut pilots the zippy little Xenon X-Craft because it’s an “X-Craft”, therefore experimental.

But anyway. Still lacking astronauts in the yellow suits and not really liking them all that much anyway, the guy in the back is a white-suited scientist type.

The joining of the forward and after sections of the ship is much more satisfactorily modern than the old design, and makes good use of some of my 1x1x6 round pillar bricks. It also marks one of only a handful of deviations from the light grey proper to a Neo-Classic set; the interstices on the central pillar are dark grey because I needed one of those 2×2 ring tiles and I don’t think I have any in another colour. The connection’s a little fragile, but it looks pretty awesome!

There’s also a wrench and a radio in the back section, that the astronauts can use. There’s a minor lack of computer support in what ought to be a science station, but You Use What You Have. It works.

Anyway, here she is: a 6929 Starfleet Voyager update. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “6929 Starfleet Voyager update

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Man, this is lovely! The use of the pillars for the midsection with the dark grey bits sunk between is superb! In general, this is just a splendid recreation! *Applause.*
    I have always leaned toward the idea of the redsuits being pilots and the whites being scientists, if only because of the Reidian tradition, so it’s quite cool that’s backed up in the sets (more or less). As to why white color schemes exist in the Federation, and why they ultimately became dominant with the Futuron, I could probably concoct some theories. However, they’d probably end up being connected to my “Futuron was actually an oppressive dystopia” alternate universe ideas, so ten to one they’d be useless in the mainstream “head canon” of the Neoclassic fandom.

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    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      Heh; I have some theories about the whole Federation being an oppressive tyranny and the Blacktron being the good guys myself!
      The “Future Fleet” initiative which led to the Futuron, in this schematic of the future history, is a disarmed version of the Colonial Fleet designed to be at the mercy of the oppressive Space Police under the brightly-coloured tyranny of the Federation. “Happiness Enforced On Pain of Disappearance”.
      Only the brave Blacktron rebel alliance can save the galaxy and restore balance to the Force… wait, what? 😛

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      1. Luke Skytrekker

        Sounds awesome to me! I actually had a story I’d planned ages ago set in an oppressive, brainwashed Futuron space station where people were socially segregated by their suit colors and the Blacktron were this secret underground resistance group trying to get people out. The story involved this white-suit engineer falling in love with this red-suit pilot, and secret police whitewashing her memories and the engineer getting contacted by the Blacktron to try to get him and her out. I had a really splendid ending for it.
        Interestingly, the theories I’m currently playing with take the exact opposite tack. They take place in that brief period before the Space Police—y’know, in the real-world one year when the Blacktron were not yet declared the “bad guys”, but there were still Futuron. There’s loads of pictorial evidence from catalogs and so forth that indicates the Blacktron and Futuron lived in harmony (at least until the Space Police showed up), and in my little alternate reality land I envision the Blacktron as the military arm of a single Federation and enforcers of martial law. There’s actually several cases of what appears to be black-suited Futuron consulting semi-secretly with Blacktron. Considering the Futuron blacksuits always carry scanning devices and, to judge by the names of their vehicles, seem to be in charge of craters and meteorites and general planetary security, I can easily imagine them as monitors keeping constant surveillance on the populance and reporting signs of insurrection to their Blacktron overlords.
        It’s fun how many stories you can build around classic space, isn’t it?

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      2. geoffhorswood Post author

        Indeed. One of the main reasons I love the theme so much.
        My “Federation dystopia” has the Future Fleet (=Futuron) introduced by the Core Worlds as a direct consequence of the Space Police’s instigation as the Federation’s enforcement arm. With them handling the armed militaro-police side of things, it was reasoned, there was no reason for an armed Fleet in the Outer Colonies; hence the “civilian” Futuron faction.
        The Blacktron are a protest/rebel alliance trying to preserve what’s left of freedom in the Federation against the tyranny of Earth and the Core Worlds.
        Like you, I have the different suit colours representing a sort of caste system based on analysed genetic predispositions (if you have the genetic predisposition toward mechanical aptitude and spatial awareness, they make you a redsuit, for example).
        The catalogue images represent the Federation’s propaganda. The Blackton/Classic cooperation images are designed to convey the impression that any sore feelings are exclusively coming from the ungrateful protesters’ side. Sort of “LEGO catalogue a la New Soviet Realism”.
        So in my version of the dystopia, you have the almost-certainly-evil Space Police, an arm of the Galactic Federation’s tyranny, the nearly-heroic Blacktron rebel alliance, an organisation of freedom-fighter terrorists, the disarmed, tamed, Coreworlder-dominated Futuron fleet and the remnant blue/grey/trans yellow old Colonial Fleet folks who might be on either side.
        I’d love to read your story, though. The whole star-crossed lovers thing adds an interesting story twist to the tale. And I’m sure you’d do it justice! 😀

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      3. Luke Skytrekker

        I’d love to read your story as well—it sounds awesome! Corrupt space police sound like a blast to read/write. Also, brilliant move with the catalogues being propaganda. Splendid idea, that.
        Man, I really do need to get into the Lego writing game again—not that I was ever really in it, admittedly. Redhood and Empowered hardly had anything to do with Legos. Right now I’m actually working on two new stories privately, hopefully for some form of publishing, but I don’t know what’s really going to happen with them. At the moment I’m just enjoying writing them, which seems about the only way to go anyway.
        It could be fun to get into the public online writing thing again, though—just write a Lego space fanfic alternate reality thingummy. I think I’ve come a long way since I last put anything out there. It’s a pity there isn’t a site solely dedicated to Lego writings. Some of my friends are putting together a personal site for them to use since the Gallery is broken (though LEGO claims to be fixing it), but it’s really only meant as a Gallery replacement, not necessarily specifically for stories.

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