Archer-class Pulse Cannon

Aerospace defence. It’s going to be a critical need for any spacegoing force.

You’re going to need defensive systems that operate on several different levels. Force shields if your universe has them, but also antisatellite weapons – lasers or the equivalent, missiles and so on, and of different sizes.

For energy weapons, there will be the massive ion cannons or heavy lasers that can bust through dreadnought-level armour, as well as smaller ones, right down to something like this.

I’m calling it the Archer-class; a seven-barreled mobile aerospace defence cannon.

Having seven barrels might seem like overkill (or possibly stupid: why not just one gun that’s much bigger and more powerful?), but I’m thinking it would be like the early Gatling guns: the multiple barrels prevent overheating and allow more sustained fire.

Anyway, here it is.  I also made a little tow-truck thing to pull it around.


2 thoughts on “Archer-class Pulse Cannon

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    This is awesome! I always found the lack of anti-orbital cannons in sci-fi to be rather odd, so it’s cool to see one. Having smaller scale ones is a really neat idea, too. Aside from that, the giant laser-gatling-gun-of-doom looks absolutely brilliant, and the little itty bitty towtruck is adorable. Excellent stuff!@

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    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      I know; it’s ridiculous. If your tech allows massive energy beams, it’s rather silly not to have planetary-based ones for shooting down orbital threats. Have these people never developed the concept of c-fractional orbital bombardment? Or not even c-fractional; it doesn’t have to be moving at an appreciable fraction of light-speed to do some serious (ie multi-thermonuclear) damage from pure kinetic energy.
      You just can’t accelerate a missile fast enough to counter something like that, but with an energy beam you can at least hold the low orbitals, and depending on the energy involved, maybe the high orbitals as well.

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