The Long Legs of the Law

Enforcer-class Space Police mech

The Space Police aren’t an aspect of LEGO Space I’ve gone into building very much before now. I’ve had a brief flirtation with the organisation in digital format, but aside from a single “crashed wreck” build to go with my neo-Alienator, I’ve not built a single Space Police construction before in real bricks.

Now I have Blacktron astronauts, though, and the beginnings of a potential alternate-universe story where the Blacktron are the heroes and the Space Police are a tyrannical instrument of oppression, I find I actually want to build Space Police. Even the bad guys ought to get some cool stuff.

I don’t, however, currently possess a first-generation Space Police trooper. Or any of the three separate generations of Space Police, but it’s the original Space Police, first genuine adversaries of the Blacktron, that concern me right now.

If I’m going to have a corrupt, oppressive Space Police, SP1 have about the most sinister colours with that black/blue/trans red livery. Seeing everything as they do through visors and windscreens in Sith Red, were they actually subtly intended as evil? They even look a bit like Stormtroopers.

I doubt they were specifically meant as evil, but Futuron’s colours do look so much more regular Earth police-like, as shown by their recyclement in SP3.

Rear view of the Enforcer-class

Anyway, my first Space Police build in real bricks was a corvette-sized microscale cruiser, but that was mostly a minor experiment with a new technique. If I think up a suitable backstory I may post it.

This, however, I wanted to post. Minifigure-scale despite my lack in the trooper department, it’s a walker, because I like them even if I’m no specialist genius mech architect.

I’ve done as much as I can to create a sort of ersatz Space Police stormtrooper, recombining parts from a white Classic astronaut and a Blacktron squaddie, and the result doesn’t look too bad, I think.

The mech may be one of my most adventurous yet. I’ve used several techniques that I haven’t tried before, most notably the sloped cockpit section, and I’ve tried to avoid using box-standard Bionicle/HF balljointed limb elements. Ok, mostly this is because a lot of them are in use on several dragons my kids and their cousins have built, but it’s the actually doing it that counts.

The twin rotary stud shooters are inspired by the six-guns of the stereotypical Wild West lawman, and I’ve used a stickered City element to label the mech as police.

On the roof are a pair of lighter guns, with searchlights mounted to aid in urban pacification. Possibly the roof-mounted guns are high-pressure water cannons, but somehow I doubt it. I have serious questions about the effectiveness of water cannons in a space environment. Wouldn’t the water just boil off into the vacuum?

I’m calling the mech the Enforcer-class walker, seeing it as probably one of the Space Police’s primary mechs.


4 thoughts on “The Long Legs of the Law

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    Ooh, awesome mech, man! Those chain guns are simply superb! I honestly can’t see how you did them—is there a new element I’m not aware of? Or are they just a really excellent example of NPU? On that subject, great little touch with that “POLICE” plate—it really helps sell the detailing. Same with the piping.
    I quite like the sloped cockpit, too, and the almost hornéd searchlights. Excellence!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. geoffhorswood Post author

      Chain guns? Did you mean the rotary stud shooters on the hands, or the roof-mounted guns?
      The rotary stud shooters have been around a few years now. The roof guns are a combination of element 4595 with a couple of lightsaber hilts, I seem to recall.
      As for the “Police” sticker tile, we’ve had that since my kids’ first or second LEGO set, one of the tiny City police sets several years back, and I never thought I’d find a use for it. Funny how these things go.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Luke Skytrekker

        Ohhh, so they’re a special part. And yeah, I meant the rotary stud shooters on the hands. I guess I’m out of the loop on the new pieces front—been too long since I perused a Lego magazine.

        Liked by 1 person

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