M600 Scarab

Futuron being the acknowledged successors of the Classic Space Federation, it’s entirely possible they’re still using Peter Reid’s robot turtles.

But it’s equally possible they aren’t.

M600 Scarab unit

Inspired by my Blacktron antiTurtle, the K19 Black Widow, I experimented with other variations on the basic circular-handle-and-3×3-dish theme and came up with this beetle-like robot design in Futuron colours.

I’m calling them Scarabs, which seems to fit with both the white-colours-and-light nature of the Futuron and with the bladelike front claws. Ancient Egyptian mythology is weird enough that they have a dung beetle pushing the sun across the sky (when it isn’t sailing in a boat or flying as a falcon or 89 other mutually-conflicting ideas).

Alas, I only have one white 3×3 dome and four white robotic finger elements, so the second one is an unpainted factory model, but I did manage more than one. Isn’t it strange when it’s a lack of some tiny element in a particular colour that stymies your building?

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