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Anchors Aweigh

Normally when I post my kids’ creations on here, I’m posting my son’s work.

Of my three, he’s certainly the most LEGO fan-like, and the most prolific builder, for all that he’s the youngest.

But I also have two daughters. The younger of them builds only occasionally (though often incredibly creatively), but the older one is quite a builder in her own right.

She’s less into the spaceships and rovers and mechs that are the mainstays of my own building universe; she’s more likely to build gardens or swimming pools or palaces.

This ship is one of hers.

Crewed entirely by female minifigures, because Girl Power, I don’t think she’s even bothered to name it, but the shaping of the hull is right impressive for a 12-year-old.

Add in the rudder and tiller (sadly they don’t function together) and the sail with its helm wheel (patterned after the one on Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship but built differently because we’ve misplaced the gearbox brick) and it seems to me like a marvellous piece of work.

Admittedly I’m biased as a parent, but this is still pretty cool, no?

The harbour wall with its guards is properly monochrome, too, not a Rainbow Warrior. She’s my daughter enough that she dislikes those fairly strongly; the ship is actually unusual in that regard.

Anyway, here’s one of my daughter’s builds. I hope you find it as impressive as I do.

A Ghostly Vessel

Ghosts… ghosts everywhere. What can I do with all these ghosts?

Too many ghosts!

Too many ghosts!

I’m not really into ghosts per se, but with my kids’ love of Ninjago (and my own liking for the sets as cost-effective MOCfodder) we’ve managed to acquire quite a number of the blasted things. As ghosts go, they’re well-designed, I suppose, with the trans neon green and glow-in-the-dark elements combining well with the blacks and dark blues and purples, but spooky and eldritch aren’t really my thing as building goes.

Still, there’s got to be something I could do with these things.

The words “ghost ship” floated through the aether like an unquiet spirit, looking for a place to lodge.

Solution: Ghost Ship

Solution: Ghost Ship

A ghost ship doesn’t have to have anything to do with Ninjago’s ghosts or the Cursed Realm. There are plenty of maritime tales of ghost ships encountered in the fog or by night, apparently hundreds of years out of time, lost on an endless murky sea… We can do that.



I’ve gone with a Ninjago ghost colour scheme, because the idea was to use all of these wretched ghosts and I wanted them to match. Besides, it’s a nicely dark, ethereal look and works well. The flag is technically Ninjago Sky Pirates, but it fits the look I wanted better than any other flag I’ve got. There are white bone elements here and there to add to the postmortem look, and I think one of my favourite parts is the bowsprit area with that jewel up ahead and the glow-in-the-dark skeletal spider legs.



My favourite piece of building is the sails. I’ve used some of those 3x8x2 shell elements in dark blue, with clips to attach them to the long rigid hose element serving as the spar. They both fit the colour scheme and look suitably ragged.