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Interior Search Rover 500

A space rescue service might not necessarily have that much use for rovers. In rescue operations, speed is usually of the essence, and why crawl along the ground when you can use antigravity or rockets to fly?

However, I can see a logical niche for a small rover designed to do stuff like zoom through the corridors of a powered-down space base looking for survivors of the meteor strike that took out the power plant.

Q-Tron ISR-500 rover

Presenting the Q-Tron Interior Search Rover 500.

The ISR-500 is a small but fully-enclosed rover used for search-and-rescue operations within damaged or powerless space bases. Its small size and tiny wheel base gives it the ability to navigate through base corridors in search of trapped survivors, and powerful headlights give the operator visibility in the absence of base lighting.

A pair of small manipulator arms can be used to move obstacles or pry open bulkhead doors; these are equipped with an external power source which can be plugged into powered access doors in the event of main power failure.

This is basically Q-Tron meets FebRovery. I still have a vague idea for a large mobile Q-Tron headquarters rover, but I’m not ready to attempt that quite yet. So I thought about what other rescue situations might need a rover, and came up with this. It’s a dinky little thing and bears more than a passing resemblance to the head section of the Q-Mech, but I think the concept’s a good one and I’m pleased with the execution.

Krystovian Task Force 02

Following on from last time’s small Ice Planet battle fleet, I present further expansions to the Krystovian Naval Command.

The extensions to the Krystovian space fleet

I reworked KNS Nordica into a second Jotun-class vessel, just to have at least a couple of ships beyond really tiny ones that are ostensibly in the same class. That necessitated a reworking of the frigate Snowbird, but I think I prefer this version. There’s a new destroyer-sized vessel, the battle transport Kodiak, and I added a couple of cruiser-sized vessels midway between KNS Sword of Winter and the destroyers.

Finally, I built a trio of corvettes on a different design to the Mammal-class.

Ready? Here goes…


KNS Nanuk

Lyran Corax-class cruiser

With the expansion of the Vertex shipyards at Zycon-IV, the Stellar Republic of Krysto intends to gradually phase out its foreign-built cruisers and battlecruisers as the new Frostblade-class battlecruisers and Valhalla-class cruisers finish construction.

For the moment, however, the KNC’s cruiser complement is filled by a mix of Federation, Blacktron and other designs, such as KNS Nanuk, an ex-Lyran design produced by one of the largest of the several buffer states. The Corax-class may be based on a modified copy of the Blacktron Reiver-class, though the Lyran government deny this.

KNS Ilmarinen

Refitted Federation Apollo-class cruiser

After the controversial Apollo-class were withdrawn from Federation service, all six ships were acquired by the Stellar Republic of Krysto.

Refitted in the Vertex shipyards, the vessels were renamed after Finnish mythological characters and entered service with the KNC.

Though weak in terms of primary armament by the standnrds of modern warships, the Apollos have extensive secondary armaments and point defence grids, making them superb fighter- and missile-defence ships.

KNS Aegir

Jotun-class destroyer

Another of the Jotun-class, KNS Aegir follows the same design as the more famous KNS Ymir.

KNS Kodiak

Kodiak-class battle transport

With the increasingly proactive and internationally-engaged posture of the Krystovian government in recent years, a need was felt for a planetary assault vessel of a sort.

Both Federation and Blacktron ships were looked at, but both the Federation’s Myrmidon-class and the Blacktron Alliance’s Genghis-class are large, battlecruiser-sized vessels designed to transport huge numbers of troops at once; too large and expensive for the KNC to operate on an ongoing basis.

The solution was the destroyer-sized Kodiak-class of pocket planetary assault ships, or “battle transports”, as they are designated.

KNS Aurora

Icefire-class frigate

The first flight of the Icefire-class are generally considered handsomer vessels than their second-flight counterparts like KNS Snowbird, but the second-flight ships have slightly greater available volume for ship’s systems and supplies. KNS Aurora was the second ship of the class built after KNS Icefire herself.

KNS Laptev

Kara-class frigate

The older Kara-class frigates were the main domestically-built frigate class before the introduction of the Icefires, and many of the class are still in service.

Sleeker and faster than the newer class but far less capable otherwise, the Karas are generally used as scoutships and fast patrol vessels.

KNS Gaspar

KNS Balthazar

KNS Melchior

Blacktron Tribal-class corvettes

The three Tribal-class corvettes here were acquired together from the Blacktron Alliance when the Alliance withdrew the last of its corvettes from service.

They are typically used as customs patrol vessels and couriers.


The entire Krystovian fleet as built at present.

Anchors Aweigh

Normally when I post my kids’ creations on here, I’m posting my son’s work.

Of my three, he’s certainly the most LEGO fan-like, and the most prolific builder, for all that he’s the youngest.

But I also have two daughters. The younger of them builds only occasionally (though often incredibly creatively), but the older one is quite a builder in her own right.

She’s less into the spaceships and rovers and mechs that are the mainstays of my own building universe; she’s more likely to build gardens or swimming pools or palaces.

This ship is one of hers.

Crewed entirely by female minifigures, because Girl Power, I don’t think she’s even bothered to name it, but the shaping of the hull is right impressive for a 12-year-old.

Add in the rudder and tiller (sadly they don’t function together) and the sail with its helm wheel (patterned after the one on Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship but built differently because we’ve misplaced the gearbox brick) and it seems to me like a marvellous piece of work.

Admittedly I’m biased as a parent, but this is still pretty cool, no?

The harbour wall with its guards is properly monochrome, too, not a Rainbow Warrior. She’s my daughter enough that she dislikes those fairly strongly; the ship is actually unusual in that regard.

Anyway, here’s one of my daughter’s builds. I hope you find it as impressive as I do.

A Ghostly Vessel

Ghosts… ghosts everywhere. What can I do with all these ghosts?

Too many ghosts!

Too many ghosts!

I’m not really into ghosts per se, but with my kids’ love of Ninjago (and my own liking for the sets as cost-effective MOCfodder) we’ve managed to acquire quite a number of the blasted things. As ghosts go, they’re well-designed, I suppose, with the trans neon green and glow-in-the-dark elements combining well with the blacks and dark blues and purples, but spooky and eldritch aren’t really my thing as building goes.

Still, there’s got to be something I could do with these things.

The words “ghost ship” floated through the aether like an unquiet spirit, looking for a place to lodge.

Solution: Ghost Ship

Solution: Ghost Ship

A ghost ship doesn’t have to have anything to do with Ninjago’s ghosts or the Cursed Realm. There are plenty of maritime tales of ghost ships encountered in the fog or by night, apparently hundreds of years out of time, lost on an endless murky sea… We can do that.



I’ve gone with a Ninjago ghost colour scheme, because the idea was to use all of these wretched ghosts and I wanted them to match. Besides, it’s a nicely dark, ethereal look and works well. The flag is technically Ninjago Sky Pirates, but it fits the look I wanted better than any other flag I’ve got. There are white bone elements here and there to add to the postmortem look, and I think one of my favourite parts is the bowsprit area with that jewel up ahead and the glow-in-the-dark skeletal spider legs.



My favourite piece of building is the sails. I’ve used some of those 3x8x2 shell elements in dark blue, with clips to attach them to the long rigid hose element serving as the spar. They both fit the colour scheme and look suitably ragged.