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Easy Rider

Even with the Grendel space fighter breaking the big ship mould, with all my large creations recently, I still feel like I haven’t really built an actual small creation for a while.

So here’s a Classic Space hoverbike.

I don’t have a lot to say about this really. It’s a hoverbike. It’s Classic Space. Enjoy.



Hoverbike mk3

One-man hovering things. Call them jetbikes, speeder bikes, antigravs or hoverspeeders, a lot of sci-fi universes have them.

As a child, I used to use the old-style spindle-shaped landing skids to build them for my spacemen. Landing skid, 2×4 plate, steering wheel at one end and side-facing headlight bricks at the other. Add a couple of megaphones as combination steering jets and lasers, and a couple of round transparent plates on the spindle, and there you are.

The Mark 1 Hoverbike as made by my childhood self

The Mark 1 Hoverbike as made by my childhood self

The annoying thing about them was that they fell over all the time. Even carpet won’t make a top-heavy model balance on a single round spindle. I never did figure out a way to cure the issue.

So the other day I decided to build an updated hoverbike. In LDD, because I don’t have any spindle landing skids any more.

It’s a nice little model, and makes use of some of the new bricks (by which I mean, “I did not have these as a child”) like the 1×2 angle plate, but it’s still very much a derivative of those childhood designs.

The Mark 2 Hoverbike.  Same, but different

The Mark 2 Hoverbike. Same, but different

Then I got the LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit and the book Brick Wonders for my birthday last Friday, and armed with a raft of new techniques I decided to radically overhaul the whole hoverbike idea and remake it from the ground up.

Here’s the new version, which is much cooler:

Hoverbike mk3 side view

Hoverbike mk3 side view

Hoverbike mk3 top view

Hoverbike mk3 top view

Hoverbike mk3 2

Hoverbike mk3 front view

Full-on SNOT techniques and greeble-heavy construction style. Antigravity plates inspired by the head of the robot turtle from the Exo-Suit, rather than the spindle. And a new style of personal laser blaster that looks far better than the old single-piece torch type.

I can almost build this in real bricks, but it would be a horrible colour mashup, which I hate doing. And I’d need a 1×1 brick with studs on 2 sides.

Stand by for further coolness, because I also got Peter Reid and Tim Goddard’s book LEGO Space: Building the Future for my birthday, and it’s an amazing visual reference of unexpected connectivity.

My whole building style is about to change…