Hello, my name’s Geoff and I build things.

I would never have guessed as a child that I’d end up working in the construction industry, though in a way it seems oddly appropriate seeing as how Lego was far and away my favourite toy.

This is my Lego creation blog. There are, or seem to be, two different categories of adults who love Lego: Collectors and Builders. I definitely fit into the latter category a lot more than the former; I’m far less concerned with set numbers, collectible minifigures and putting together dioramas of various models made by following the instructions than I am with designing and building my own stuff.

A lot of what I build currently is digital rather than using physical bricks. There are several digital Lego building programs out there; I’ve been using MLCad, which appears to be a little older than some, but was the first one I discovered. My current collection of physical Lego bricks is fairly puny, due in most part to a combination of Lego-challenging living environments in which I’ve lived. After getting rid of my childhood Lego collection in my mid-teens, I’ve only recently rediscovered my square feet.

Square Feet refers primarily to the shape of minifigure feet; I’m using it here metaphorically to refer to my Lego fandom. Its secondary meaning refers to my day job in construction; a standard US measure of area seems somehow appropriate to both worlds. As I said, my name’s Geoff and I build things.

Of the Lego Movie Master Builders, Benny the 1980-something Space Guy is the one who has most personal resonance with me. As a child, that’s how I was. If I was building a submarine, it would be a space submarine. If I was building a castle, it would probably be a space castle.

As an adult, my repertoire has expanded a bit, and I build castles and towns and all sorts of other stuff as well. But part of me is still Benny.

Welcome to my Lego construction blog. Sit back, enjoy the show, comment if you feel so inclined.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Luke Skytrekker

    I wasn’t sure where to say this without being shamelessly pluggy, and adding it as an addendum to an ordinary comment felt oddly mercenary, but I wanted to give you a head’s up I’ve started writing a story online again, because I know you really enjoyed some of my old work on the LMBs. I won’t spam a link or anything, but I’ve put up a post about it, if you’re interested.
    Also, sorry I haven’t really been around in your comment sections lately, my life has been nuts lately.

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