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So I decided to make a Moai.



The Moai of the Easter Island Rapa Nui people are really cool.  Carved and erected without wheels or metal tools, they’re pretty amazing.

Easter Island Moai Stone

Easter Island Moai Stone

This is my LEGO version.  I’ve got the couple from the 60057 RV/Camper Van set taking photos on his phone.


And I decided that Laurie the Androgynous Ice Planet Guy ought to play space tourist.  He’s probably sweating his bricks off because he’s in a suit designed for a frozen planet.

"Ice Planet spacesuits are not designed for tropical islands!"

“Ice Planet spacesuits are not designed for tropical islands!”

Neo-Futuron Speeder

You see a lot of Neo-Classic Space out there with its awesome blue/grey/trans yellow colour scheme, but rather less Neo-Futuron.  So I built this Neo-Futuron landspeeder.

Neo-Futuron speeder

Neo-Futuron speeder

I wasn’t intending this as necessarily Neo-Futuron, but that’s the sort of vibe it seems to have ended up with.

085 086

I don’t have any Futuron minifigures to crew it, and one of my kids seems to have run off with Pete the Roboturtle Feeder (from the LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit set), so Yve the Exo-Suit Driver is copiloting for the minifigure I’ve christened Laurie the Androgynous Ice Planet Guy.  With that floppy fringe of hair, I was convinced for several years that this minifig was a girl, but the consensus seems to be that the figure is a he.

087 088

Tomyris Base

Federation base, planet Tomyris

Federation base, planet Tomyris

It’s amazing to me what gets liked and what doesn’t on

Something like this, that I knocked together in half an hour, having no backstory or anything, frequently seems to be more popular than a large LDD creation that I spend weeks on.  Real bricks are always more impressive, but still…


Anyway, I don’t have much to say about this, so enjoy the pictures.  It’s named after the Queen of the Scythians.

011 012



Slightly earlier version with a different spaceship

Slightly earlier version with a different spaceship